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$120,000 SAT AIRDROP

We’re giving away $120,000
worth of $SAT tokens to 10 lucky winners!

Who we are

After 13 years of anonymity and disappearance, Satoshi Nakamoto is back!

With a renewed sense of purpose, Satoshi announced his plan to create the Satoshi Coin, a project that aimed to capture the essence of his original vision for a decentralized and sustainable digital currency. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Satoshi Coin would implement novel consensus mechanisms, designed to be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, while maintaining the core principles of decentralization and security.


The SAT Token

21M Total Supply

Just like Bitcoin, a 21M fixed supply.

5% Tax

Small tax to ensure full growth of the project.


1% of the tax is used to buy back WBTC and reward the most loyal holders with WBTC rewards.

2% Marketing

Marketing will be extensive and as well as the presale funds, this part of the tax will be used to grow the visibility of the project.

2% Development

This aspect of the tax is used to develop the platform further and add to the presale funds to ensure longevity of the project.

PoCP Mining

SAT can be mined without the need of holding any $SAT. Using PoCP your systems computational power will be used as the reward mechanism.

SAT mining will last until 2050.

PoCP Staking

$SAT can be mined at a higher reward rate by staking your $SAT. Stake $SAT and achieve a higher reward rate than non-SAT holders.

SAT mining will last until 2050.

Jeet Protection

$SAT is protected by a brand new unique jeet protection system, which ensures panic sellers can not harm the chart.

Proof of Computing Power

PoCP Is a New Protocol

A crypto project which is mined by power but not using power, an eco-friendly approach to mining and staking!

Proof of Computing Power (PoCP) is an innovative and eco-friendly coin mining algorithm that sets a new standard in the world of cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms, PoCP harnesses the existing computational power of users' computers without consuming any additional resources to produce new coins.

The core concept of PoCP revolves around reading the computer's specifications, such as CPU, GPU, and RAM, to determine the power it contributes to the network. Based on this analysis, the algorithm then calculates the rewards that the user is entitled to, making it a fair and transparent system for distributing coins.

Both mining and staking will use the PoCP protocol and rewards will last until 2050, to ensure all SAT is rewarded during our lifetime.



  • Phase One: 2.1M (10%)
  • Phase Two : 3.15M (15%)
  • Phase Three: 4.2M (20%)
  • Team: 1.05M (5%)
  • Proof Of Stake: 9.45M (45%)
  • Liquidity: 1.05M (5%)

1 SAT = $0.23

The presale has three phases, the earlier you buy the more SAT you get in the early phases.

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1 SAT = $0.50

The presale has three phases, the earlier you buy the more SAT you get in the early phases.

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1 SAT = $1

The presale has three phases, the earlier you buy the more SAT you get in the early phases.

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Take Part in the SATOSHI COIN Presale

How To Buy

Connect Wallet

Using the presale widget connect your wallet using the connect button.

Select Payment Method

Choose to pay on the Ethereum network with ETH, USDT or USDC. Choose to pay on the Binance Smart Chain network with BNB, USDT or BUSD.

Enter Amount

Enter the amount you wish to invest in your chosen payment method.

Click BUY

Click the buy button and follow the instructions in your wallet i.e. MetaMask, Trust Wallet, etc.

Mining & Staking Rewards

Mining, Staking with PoCP and the halving events

  • Run the app and mine SAT, no SAT required, this ensures adoption of new participants in the ecosystem
  • Stake and mine SAT, stakers get a much higher reward rate than Non-SAT holders
  • Using PoCP, your system and holdings determines your reward rate
  • Mining and staking lasts until 2050, so this is a long term rewards system like Bitcoin mining
  • Satoshi Coin will have a halving event each year, this event will half rewards each year until 2050
  • Due to yearly halving, rewards start off being larger and as the years go by the reward rate reduces making the token scarcer which should drive price as users will need to stake more to earn the same rewards as the previous year
  • Available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS
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Whats Coming to
Satoshi Coin

Presale & Pre-Marketing

Birth of the idea, setup and start of presale and run pre-marketing for bigger exposure.

Token Claim & Trading Launch

Claim your tokens right after your investment. Τrading begins within 1-2 days after the Presale ends.

Heavy Marketing

This includes reaching top influencers, callers as well as listing on the top crypto sites such as CoinMarketCao, CoinGecko, Dextools. Dextools trending and Dextools ads too as well and much more.

PoCP Staking

PoCP (Proof of Computing Power) is staking based on system specifications. Anyone can run a PoCP node but holders will get a better earnings boost than non-holders.

Proof of Stake App

An app which will allow you to manage your PoCP nodes and boost your earnings rate.

Bitcoin Rewards App

1% of all taxes go towards BTC rewards as a loyalty program for the most loyal holders. This app will allow you to manage your rewards such as claim them or re-invest them.

Tier One CEX Listings

Tier One CEX listings are all we will focus on, we will not waste time on sub standard CEX listings.

Bitcoin Fork

Satoshi Coin will create a new fork of BTC once adoption is achieved on our PoCP protocol.
The Whitepaper

Read the Satoshi Coin Whitepaper

  • The Vision
  • The Mechanics
  • The Products
Download Whitepaper
Our team

The Satoshi Coin


Lead Developer


Innovation Lead


Marketing Lead


Community Manager

An Experienced Team

  • We have 12 years of experience in Crypto Industry & 25 years of experience in development
  • We are always online on Telegram, while we are developing our project
  • We answer every question
  • We are fully transparent
  • We never give fake promises
  • We will complete our roadmap and will also build more things that we haven't announced yet